Vicar of Dibley Auditions Open

Due to COVID 19,  auditions will be via video conference.

How will this work?

  1. You will need to inform the director which part you want to audition for through email. See the parts on offer below. Chris Hinton is the director. His email is: He will send you a link to participate in the audition depending on the character/s you wish to try out for.
  1. You will need an android phone with a camera and audio capacity, or a laptop or desktop computer with audio and camera. We apologise it has to be this way but we wish to keep everyone safe and abide by regulations. The video conferencing we will be using is Zoom. Check it out at:
  1. The audition will involve you reading the part you wish to audition for. You will need an English accent. You will need to be familiar with what you are reading. It would be a good idea to research your character by watching Vicar of Dibley episodes. This show is available on Prime and Netflix.
  1. See the character you wish to audition for below with the page numbers you will be reading from. The link for the script:

David:                          Act One Scene three pp. 16, 17

Geraldine ( Vicar) :    Act One Scene Two pp. 15, 16; 

                                     Act One Scene three pp. 16,-18 

                                     Act One Scene Six pp. 25.26 from “ Now Alice…

Hugo:                          Act One Scene Five pp. 20 – 22;

                                     Act One Scene Six pp. 25.26 from “ Now Alice…

Alice:                           Act One Scene Two pp. 15, 16;

                                     Act One Scene Six pp. 25.26 from “ Now Alice…

Mrs Cropley:              Act One Scene Five pp. 20 – 22

Jim:                             Act One Scene Five pp. 20 – 22

Frank:                          Act One Scene three pp. 16-18

Owen:                         Act One Scene Five pp. 20 – 22

Woman                      ( small part -no reading needed)

Please note: the director will inform you about your success in the audition via phone or email. There may be a call back session on Zoom for a second audition.


We hope to perform the play in November but that is not definite. .

Cannot say when rehearsals will begin as a cast, but the following might be the process in the interim::

  • Play readings via Zoom as a full cast and separately with Geraldine, Alice and Hugo. Times and dates negotiated with cast and director.
  • Cast will be expected to learn their lines from the date a part has been given. Comedy involves relaxation and spontaneity, so worrying about lines can stifle progress. We will have some techniques available to assist with learning lines.

When able to meet together:

11 week rehearsal process

  • First three weeks: improvisation and acting with full cast Thursday evening 7:30pm start: Geraldine and Alice Sunday afternoon 2pm start..
  • Next six weeks: scene of 4 or less actors, Thursday evening 7:30pm; scene with 5 or more actors, Sunday 2pm start.
  • Next two weeks: all cast Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 till 10pm, Sundays from 10am.